Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 26th November 2021 Full Episode Update

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Written Update

The episode starts with Kids sees Chikoo and asks if she get the diary. Chikoo says I find where she kept the diary but their is lock in it. Kids thinks where she can hide key. Chikoo says its in her hair. Mini agrees than she become friend of Chikoo than Tanki says they have to let Hira amma unconscious to steal key from her. Mini takes packet from her doll. Chikoo asks what’s it. Mini says this packet is what she used on kids to make them sleep and I realised it and stopped taking it. Chikoo recalls Nupur words and says she will make Hira amma eats it and discusses her plan with kids.

Nupur about to leave the cup but Milind holds it. Kamini takes Savitri with her. Hira amma stiches her clothes. Tanki and Signal takes drug mixed pan box to Hira amma which they get it by making her men unconscious and he tells to Hira amma that her Men sent them and Singnal asks if she want him to make pan. Hira amma agrees and than he makes the pan and Hira amma loses her her consciousness after eating it and then they signs to Chikoo.

Kamini says you’re good mother in law who wants to help Nupur but I stopped you as she needs Milind more than us. Savitri says how can I Ieave them alone when they needs me. Kamini says only God can help Nupur so let’s make her start doing pooja so asks Nupur to lit diya infront of God. Savitri goes.

Tanki says Hira amma had small piece of pan so finish your work quickly as she may regain her consciousness anytime. Chikoo takes key from her bun and enters to secret room after asking Tanki and Signal to manage Hira amma if she gains consciousness. Savitri tells to Milind that she wants to talk to Nupur and she goes to Nupur and request her to lit diya in their mandir for her. Nupur agrees. They brings Nupur to Mandir. Kamini sends Savitri to prepare kheer and she asks Nupur to lit the Diya. Nupur pours oil and Kamini thinks Nupur is going to burn herself. Tanki watches video in mobile. Chikoo gets diary.
Episode ends.

Precap – Rangoli says give me a chance, I will fix everything. Chikoo says you are lying. Rangoli says I know your mummy’s name, Nupur Joshi, show this locket to her, she will understand that you are her Payal. Chikoo cries.

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