Meet 26th November 2021 Full Episode Update

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Written Update

Meet says to Guruji yesterday night mummy made me swear not to tell the truth. Meet Ahlawat cough, Meet rushes towards him and ruh his chest. Guruji says you don’t need to say anything I understand sometimes in life we have to do things and sacrifice for our families happiness, I know you cannot led this family down have trust in god and time everything will be fine and bless her. Meet says you made me feel light and touch his feet. Guruji says now I have to leave. Masum listing from outside gets upset about not finding anything and I will find out what she is hiding.

Manushi painting her naild. Anubha walks to her says start kneeding dough and I’ll go cook daal. Manushi says I have just painted my nails, so you do it. Anubha says okay then go was the utensils, useless girl does nothing. Manushi says what are you doing scolding me infront of guests what he will think how rude you are. Anubha says then ask your guest to leave, guest don’t stay for so long and if they do they are shameless. Kunal hears and thinks who wants to stay here I’m just here for jewellery. Anubha scolds Manushi and she go was utensils. Manushi makes faces while cleaning utensils. Kunal drops her a message reading will my baby get ready for me tonight. Manushi checks her phone and reply not tonight, tomorrow. Kunal replies why. Manushi says to Anubha tomorrow it’s Meet birthday tomorrow so what gift are yoi giving her. Anubha says I cooked ladoo for her, will go to temple early morning tomorrow and pray for her and give ladoo as prashad. Amma upstairs hearing all this. Manushi says good idea she will love it. Amma says it’s my late grandson birth date too, so make some kheer I’ll distribute in poor kids. Anubha says okay. Manushi winks at Kunal.

Next day, Meet making Meet Ahlawat excercise. Meet keeps pushing him to complete to set. Meet Ahlawat sees Meet is busy, and stops exercising and keeps counting. Meet turns around and sees he is busy in phone. He looks at her and start exercising again. Meet says how dare you cheat now stand up. He says you are just like a hitler. Meet says okay standup. Meet Ahlawat says as punishment may god spoil your icecream, book suspens and no one wishes you on your birthday. Meet says okay start exercising, she stands up in sofa and help him in exercising. He completes 50 and lie on bed. Kaka walks in with flowers. Meet Ahlawat says maybe feom office as a get well soon. Meet says you rest I’ll get you soup. Meet Ahlawat says don’t come back.

Meet in kitchen. Babita walks in and ask what are you cooking. Meet says vegetable soup. Babita says who add ladyfinger and capsicum in soup when did I teach you. Meet says you told me green vegetables are good for health. Babita says god save us don’t come to kitchen Ragini will help you join cooking classes then you can cook. Meet says you are the best chief you teach me just like mother and you know everyone liking too. Babita says I have to attend my botique I’ll send Ragini till then don’t touch anything and she leaves.

Duggu rushes to Meet’s room and ask Meet Ahlawat where is she. Meet says she killed me exercising. Duggu where is she I want to wish her its her birthday. Meet Ahlawat says don’t lie for cake. Duggu says I’m not and picks the bouquet and reads card on it Happy Birthday Meet Ustaad I thought it’s for me and even she didn’t tell anyone also I said to her that no one will wish on her birthday but it was just a joke, what should I do. Duggu ask what will you gift her. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll plan a surprise birthday for her where everyone she knows wish her this will be a good gesture. Duggu says but Badi Maa wont let you. Meet Ahlawat says she is my mom I can convenes her but before that I need to do something.

Anubha cooking, she gets call from Meet Ahlawat. Manushi says mummy your loveable son in law is calling and picks the phone. Meet Ahlawat hears her voice. Anubha snatches the phone from Manushi and greets Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat ask who spok before you. Anubha says neighbour I was in kitchen. Manushi leaves. Anubha asks Mewt Ahlawat how is he doing. He says your daughter takes very good care of me and says I’m sorry I shouldn’t have left this way. Anubha says I understand your pain and I’m happy how Meet is she is pure gold. Meet Ahlawat says I know how she is, she is taking good care of me, I’m planning a surprise birthday party for her. Anubha says that’s very good. He ask her to get everyone Meet knows to make her happy. Anubha says we will be there and keeps the phone gos to God and pray them.

Meet Ahlawat meets Ragini and ask where is mom she is not answering calls. Ragini says she has some important clients visiting her. Meet Ahlawat says now mom is not here so me and Duggu need you help, we have planned surprise birthday party for Meet. Ragini says so nice I’ll definitely help you. Meet Ahlawat explain her whole plan. Meet walks in and ask Meet why are you downstairs okay now have soup here. Meet Ahlawat and Ragini say no, Meet Ahlawat I’ll comfortably have in my room let’s go. Meet aren’t you throwing lot of tantrums come lets go. Masum hiding and listening all this says says bhai good you invited Anubha now she will tell me the hidden truth because I’ll make her do it.

Anubha packs ladoo. Lakhan walks in and ask how am I looking. Anubha says very handsome. Lakhan says I’m very excited for party and didn’t you tell her right, Anubha says no infact tgis is the first time I haven’t wished her yet. Amma walks in cribbing, everyone is excited for Meet’s birthday but no one remember my late grandsons death, because of Meet I lost my grandson, did you make kheer as I asked. Anubha says yes and won’t you come to Meet’s in law’s. Ammaji says as per old saying it is sin to have food at daughters in law’s and any ways I have no relation with her good riddance. Anubha feels bad and in tears.

Duggu informs Meet Ahlawat about all the arrangements. Ragini look after the arrangements. Isha ask at food stall is sweet here and teeks Ragini everything is available. Duggu says arrengement are on point to Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says when everything is then ask Ragini to start plan B. Meet walks in. Meet Ahlawat ask eher where are you going. Meet says outside. Meet Ahlawat says no you can’t go outside. Meet says why?

Isha bring Meet blindfold and surprise jer. Mest says I never thought that you will plan a surprise for me.

Masum says to Anubha did something happen between you and your daughter she seemed a bit upset, she was feeling very heavy. Anubha think Meet told everything unknowingly.


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