Nima Denzongpa 25th November 2021 Full Episode Update

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Written Update

Scene 1
Sia gets her first salary. The manager asks why did she get her salary in cash, she should have put it in the bank. Sia says I need it. She starts leaving the office but Shiv strikes with her. He congratulates her and says you should give a treat for getting first salary. Sia says you got married so you should give a party. Shiv’s wife arrives there and says she is right. She tells Shiv that I was around the area so I came here. Shiv introduces his wife Kanchan to Sia. Sia looks on. Shiv goes to get his bag. Kanchan tells Shiv that we got married so suddenly so I don’t know what he likes and what he doesn’t. Sia says he likes elachi tea. Kanchan hugs her and says we will meet soon.

Mania calls Paras and says we can’t meet today, I am busy with my family stuff. Paras says I can wait for you for life. Mania laughs and says you have become romantic. Paras says I have changed for you only. He says I have work and ends the call.

Sunita tells Tulika that there is something going on between Nima and her daughters. They were fighting, I asked Varun to write down the notes. Tulika reads his notes but they are random words. Tulika says Varun is useless.

Suman recalls Paras’ words that he doesn’t want to do this engagement Maaji is selecting jewelry for the engagement. Asha is greedily looking at everything. Bakay asks her to leave, she goes away. Bakay says this woman doesn’t seem nice. Maaji says you find faults in everyone. Babita asks Suman to select her jewelry also.

Nima makes a cake, Mania says Sia would be happy to see this. Nari comes back home and says why this cake? Nima says she got her first salary, we have to make here moment special. Mania says this cake will cheer her up. Nima says really? Mania says she would want to celebrate her happiness with us only. Nima is waiting for Sia. Nari says don’t worry. Sia enters society. Mania says she has brought gifts for us. They all see Sia going to Suresh’s house. Mania says why is she going there? Nima says let her go, we won’t spy on them like them.

Sia comes to Sunita’s house. Tulika opens the door and asks what is it? Sia asks her to call Suresh. He comes there and asks if everything is fine? Sia looks at Tulika, Suresh goes out of the house and locks the door. Sia gives sweets and a gift to him, she says I got this from my first salary. Suresh gets emotional and makes her eat sweets too. He says you have made me proud. Sia hugs him and smiles. Suresh looks at the shirt that Sia got for him and says it’s very nice. Sia says I just wanted to see you happy. Suresh tells Sia that Nima has been there for you, please talk to her. Sia nods and leaves from there. Suresh comes inside the house and sees Tulika-Sunita spying on him.

Suman tries to talk to Ginesh but is tense. He asks what are you thinking? Suman says don’t be angry with Paras, are we hurrying for his engagement? I doubt if Paras-Mitali will get along? Ginesh says we have to work on the relationships with time, if they want to work on it then it will work. We also made our relationship work, don’t doubt your son. Suman says Paras was saying.. Ginesh says I am just telling you if something goes wrong then it will affect our Babita also.

Sia comes home. Nari angrily asks why did she go to baba’s house? Mania asks her to relax. Sia says can’t I meet him? Nima says it’s okay, it’s her baba’s house. She congrats her on her first salary. Sia says I knew you would be very happy, she gives her full salary to her and says you can keep it. Nima says why are you giving this to me? You should have kept this in the bank. Sia says you waited for this your whole life right? Take this money now. Nima is hurt hearing that.

The episode ends.

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